Top 6 Real Estate Blogs Every Realtor Should Read

Creating a blog is one way to maintain an online presence. Your blog can serve as your way of communicating important messages to your audience and your clients. By updating your blog on a regular basis, you continue to be more relevant in the industry. Because of the article you post, you are creating an image that you are an authority on anything related to the real estate industry. 

If you are a real estate and you want to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the industry, be sure to check out the following blogs: 

1)    Inman Next 

Inman Next is posting articles related to real estate marketing. Here, you will learn how to reach the right target by using different marketing strategies such as the social media, email marketing, SEO content, and online advertising. The blog also contains information on the latest tools that the agents can try to be better with their professions. Don’t forget to read the articles related to real estate video tips as it can give you an edge over other agents. 

2)    Matrix 

Matrix provides in-depth analysis of issues, news, and government policies that affect the industry. The writers provide a technical examination of latest fiscal reports to enlighten the real estate sector about its impact on their business. An agent can find substantial information that he can use to educate his clients on the articles on this blog site. 

3)    GeekEstate 

If you want to read factual information and tips in both real estate and marketing in a clear and straightforward approach, GeekEstate is your blog spot. You can find quality articles written by contributors from numerous real estate and marketing backgrounds. In addition to all-inclusive feature articles, they also post interesting blogs in who’s who in the industry. 

4)     Trulia 

Trulia is a very popular listing website. Aside from being a property finder where you can see luxury homes in Aspen list, the website also contains top-notch articles discussing the current trends in the industry, tips from the experts, industry news and technical advice. 

5)    BiggerPocket 

BiggerPocket posts comprehensive articles relevant for many real estate professionals, including investors and lenders. This blog site contains many helpful insights not just in real estates but also in topics related to mortgage and marketing. 

6)  HousingWire 

HousingWire is a compendium of informative articles related to mortgage finance and housing reform/update. When you read the blogs from HousingWire, you will become a know-it-all when it comes to lending conditions, home loan regulations, and other economic news and data.