How to Advertise Your Real Estate Website 

Creating a website is not enough. You need to promote it so that the online users can easily access it. You can promote your business by letting people know how you can help them and at the same time, you can show them your listings. 

Maintaining an online presence is very important as many buyers start searching for their dream house using the internet. Because of this, it is crucial that you promote your website to increase its traffic and possibly get new leads. Here are a few ideas how to do this: 

  1. Put your business on Google Map

This is the simplest way to make people know that your website exists. If you have a Google account, you can create a Google Place on their map which you can claim as your business. When users click the Google Place indicator, it will direct them to your Google business page. In that page, you can put your website in the description so that the viewers will be aware of it. 

  1. Create social media account

There are millions of social media users around the world. Basically, you need an account on four leading social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linkedln. After creating an account, you can invite your friend, family, acquaintances, and co-workers to follow your account. Then you can post messages, pictures, and videos of the houses that you are selling with the link of your website in the description. Once they click the link, it will take them to your webpage. Another good idea is to send messages to your friends through FB Messenger providing the link to your web page. 

  1. Link your website to your broker’s webpage

Most brokerage has its own website. Ask your manager if you can create a blog to be posted on the company website. In your blog, mention about your own website that visitors can go to learn more about the topic that you are discussing. Provide a link to your website. 

  1. Create a Group on Facebook

Once you have enough followers on Facebook, what you can do next is to create a group where you can send messages, information, trivia, and your current listings.   Or you can ask them to check-out your website for new updates and more detailed articles.   

  1. Link to your peer’s website

If you have close friends in the brokerage and they have their own website, ask them to mention your website and embed its link in their article. By doing this, they are helping you promote your website to their followers. In exchange, you can also do the same for them.